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As students and educators grapple with the increasing pressures from the State and from their districts to increase test scores and implement more academic programs, while also living, working and learning amidst the aftermath of a global pandemic, the needs for emotional support, a sense of safety in the classroom, and prosocial skills are greater than ever.


We know from brain science that if a child does not feel emotionally safe, does not feel connected, or is dealing with a lot of stress, they cannot thrive academically.  Their underdeveloped brains cannot function optimally without addressing the underlying issues & symptoms of stress, whether that stress comes from home or from school. 

Support our students and educators

Team Peace offers solutions with the end goal being that students can feel safe & find peace at school, which will lead to higher academic performance.  In order to continue our work to help support students and educators we need your help.

In addition, expanding our training and community support for educators, developing curriculum resources, and increasing outreach to schools will enable us to substantially increase the number of students we are able to serve in the years to come, resulting in improved student mental health and well-being in schools nationwide.  Join us on the journey with a gift today! 


Team Peace relies on donations, grants, and our community’s generosity to underwrite our programs’ costs.  This gives schools & families access to high-quality & engaging Team Peace programming that they may not have otherwise.

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