Practicing Presence - Self-Care through Mindfulness Practice

In this 6 week series with Kara Schmidt, learn and practice bringing heart & body-centered Presence into your every day life for more peace, groundedness & compassion.


Dates: June 13, 20, 27 &  July 11, 18, 25

Schedule: Tuesdays 9-10:15am

Ages: 18+

Cost:  sliding scale $60-$105


Kara Schmidt

I’m Kara.  I am the founder of So IN Body, located in Paoli, Indiana.​

Check her bio for more information.


In this class series, you will learn about the foundations of Mindfulness and Meditation Practices, and we will be practicing together.

Mindfulness is intentional awareness & presence with kindness.  Mindfulness is heart-centered, and body-centered.  There will be a little gentle movement in each class. Most everything that we do can be done from a chair or standing by a wall.  

The Mindfulness Practices in this Series will include:

  • Mindfulness  of Breath
  • Mindfulness of Senses
  • Mindfulness of Body through Movement/Yoga, Body Sensations, and Mindful Walking
  • Mindfulness of Thoughts
  • Mindfulnss of Emotions
  • Mindfulness of Everyday Activities including Mindful Eating

Please note this is not a drop-in class. If you need to miss 1 or 2 classes, please let me know ahead of time to make arrangements. There will not be refunds, credits or transfer of missed classes unless discussed with Kara before the start of the series. Thanks for your understanding.

For educators:

I will address how you can apply mindfulness into your daily life as a teacher and into your classroom.

Purchasing books is not required, but here are some references for this class if you are looking for a companion book:

  • “Practicing Presence – Simple Self-Care Strategies for Teachers”  by Lisa J. Lucas
  • “Teach Breathe Learn – Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom” by Meena Srivivasan
  • “Full Catastrophe Living” by Jon Kabat Zinn (or any of his books)
  • “The Monkey is the Messenger” by Ralph de la Rosa

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