In the Classroom

Collaborative, customized & Adaptive programs

In partnership with rural Southern Indiana schools, Team Peace provides evidence-based, high-quality, resilience-building programs in the classroom during school time. While most of our programs are offered weekly or biweekly throughout the whole school year, partnership design can be customized to fit your school or classroom.

Our programs are collaborative, customized and adaptable to fit the needs of your students, educators, and classrooms.

Our intention is to help to create environments every student feels safe, supported and ready to learn.


The Team Peace curriculum uses age-appropriate brain science and resilience-building tools that are accessible to all.  Our program promotes emotional safety, connection, self-regulation, & focus in the classroom. 

The Team Peace program also promotes the 5 core competencies of Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills & Responsible Decision Making.

Through focused attention practices, emotional awareness, and movement that promotes balance, focus, & calm, our programs boost the students’ ability to learn and perform academically with success while also fostering prosocial skills.

How Does It Work?

  • Team Peace works with individual schools to design and meet the unique needs of the school and classroom.
  • In collaboration, Team Peace and schools design the programming that best fits the students & community that they are serving
  • Programming can be designed as sequential programming for an amount of time designated by the school or teacher or a year-long weekly or biweekly program. For middle & high school, we can also offer a one-time introductory workshop.
  • Team Peace works with grades PreK through High School.
  • A Team Peace trained teacher/facilitator will visit each classroom to teach the lesson on a weekly basis (or whatever schedule has been agreed upon).
  • Classroom teachers are expected to be actively engaged in supporting the program.